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After working in the grooming industry for almost 20years.  I decided to create my dream. A team that  has a passion for dogs and is committed to providing the highest standard of care for every pooch that comes our way. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to grooming. We tailor our services to your dog's specific needs, from personality to breed. Not only do we take care of your furry friend, but we also take care of our planet. We use only eco-friendly products in all of our grooming sessions. Come see us today and treat your dog to the ultimate pampering experience.

Cuddling Buddies


At Beachy Bums Grooming Boutique, we believe that grooming should be a calm and relaxing experience for your furry friend. With our safe and welcoming environment, your dog will feel right at home while receiving personalized attention and care. Our experienced grooming team specialize in creating stylish and tailored haircuts that will leave your dog looking and feeling their best.


We want to share our knowledge of dog grooming. With our human clients.   We know that each fur friend is truly a blessing and a gift. Created special and unique. We want each fur friend to feel loved and safe with us. And come home looking fur fabulous.  We are also working hard to take care of our planet through reduced energy consumption, biodegradable products, and recycling.  Along side local business and rescues to build a bright future through community and vision. 



Tuesday - Saturday

7540 Massachusetts Ave, New Port Richey Fl. 34653

For An Appointment

CALL OR TEXT 727-614-8351

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